Frequently Asked Questions & Event Policies

Also, please see our Policies page.

What's the Deal with Volunteering?

WildFire is created by all 300 attendees pitching in! The ticket price is this low because from set-up to break down, we all do our part to make it happen. If you attend the retreat, you agree to put in 4-6 hours of volunteering. Sign up to volunteer prior to the event through your WildFire website account!!

Check out this video for more information about WildFire's volunteer culture, and what makes WildFire "home" for so many.

WildFire Ticket & Event Policies

Age Attendance


Can I bring my underage kids?
Short answer: Yes - but there are specific rules you MUST follow! Please read our entire policy on minors attending WF.
Can I bring my underage niece/nephew/sibling/friend?
NO. You may only bring minors who are your legal ward, even with permission from the parent. Please refer to our Age Policy.

Please note that we have a special waiver for minors, and be advised that there is much adult content at WildFire, and other attendees may not filter their behavior to child-friendly levels.

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How do I manage my email lists?
To manage your mailing list stubscriptions you:
1. Log in to your account
2. Go to "Your Info" and in the sub menu select "My Mailing Lists".
3. Check or uncheck whatever email list you would like to be on, and hit the update button.

How do I delete my account?
To delete your account:
1. Log in to your account
2. Go to "Your Info" and in the sub menu select "Edit My Info".
3. Click on the bottom left button "Delete Account". There is NO prompt and your account can not be recovered

What are Fellowship Tickets?
Several 40%-50% discounted tickets (formerly referred to as need-based or scholarship tickets) are set aside for people who embody the WildFire missions of spreading the spinning arts and building community among artists, but can’t afford to pay the full ticket price. The mission is fulfilled by supporting the spinning arts by organizing or teaching (at WildFire or elsewhere), holding local spin jams in their town, etc. Fellowship ticket applications usually start 4 weeks before tickets go on sale, and close 1-2 weeks before tickets go on sale for a given event.

How do I become a teacher?
To sign up to be a teacher, please login, then go to the Workshops page, and sign up for workshops there. You may either click on specific classes to volunteer to teach those, or you may email with new ideas.

What happens if I purchase a ticket, but can't make it to the event? Or if I want a ticket to a sold-out event?
The Wait List feature allows people that want tickets to a sold out event to put their name on a "want a ticket" list. It then allows ticket holders to offer extra tickets for purchase to that list. If no one is on the "want a ticket" list, then the option to put your ticket up for sale doesn't show below. Many tickets are purchased this way (usually around 200), and over half happen in the two weeks prior to an event. The waitlist shuts down on Thursday before the event and your ticket will be returned to your account then if it has not sold yet.

When do I get to see which classes will be offered?
Participants put in applications to teach classes after ticket sales have begun. The class schedule will begin to be finalized about two or three weeks prior to the event. If you would like to teach a class, or see what the current schedule is, please go to the Workshops page.

What can I do if I can't be at my computer at ticket sale time?
Or if I bought a ticket for a friend?
Through the Ticketing page, you may transfer your tickets to another party who also has a WildFire account through the website. They must already have this account. When you hand off a ticket using the website's transfer function, no payments will automatically happen. Any money exchanging hands for transferred tickets must be negotiated by the parties involved.

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