Spring 2019 Fellowship Ticket Applications are now closed.

Fellowship Tickets ($75, rather than the typical $150) are set aside to help those folks that embody the WildFire mission but cannot afford to attend otherwise. The mission of WildFire is to spread the spinning arts and to build community/connections among spinning artists  Please use the space below to let us know both how you embody the WildFire mission throughout the year and about your financial challenges (costs to attend and why that is hard to afford, but don't feel you need to give too much private info). The part about how you live the spirit of WildFire daily is the most important part.

Please note that the application process is blind, and you must fill out the application information as describe above. Applications without all components listed about will not be accepted for consideration.

Once the main tickets are sold out, no additional Scholarship Ticket applications will be accepted. We will do our best to let you know if you have received a Fellowship Ticket before main tickets go on sale.The Spring Deadline is 4/12/2019. No applications will be accepted beyond the deadline.

Vendors can not receive Scholarship Tickets and/or travel assistance.

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