Teacher Travel Assistance Application

WildFire offers a limited number Travel Assistance scholarships to long distance teachers to help them come share their art at WildFire. These grants reimburse only pre-approved costs, and always require receipts. The scholarship amount ranges from $50-250, depending on teacher needs, WildFire fund availability, and the desire to create a diverse and balanced WildFire workshop schedule.

NOTE: This is NOT the teacher application/class submission form. This form is for people who are interested in teaching at WildFire, but need some sort of travel assistance/help to get here. It is especially aimed at teachers coming from outside of New England.


Applications for Summer and Fall WildFires are open now. Please make sure to choose the correct WildFire on the form.

Email questions and comments to info@wildfireretreat.com

Click here for information about Teaching At WildFire

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