General Information

If you want to know more about what makes WildFire "home" for so many, check out this video.

For info on how to get to WildFire: Directions

NEW TO WILDFIRE? Check out these documents to get you started:

Read the WildFire Survival Guide for detailed information about the event.

Arrival/Check in starts at 3pm Friday and all attendees need to be off the site by 2pm Monday. Please respect the "Leave no trace" principles so that we can use this site continually and pack out more then you packed in.

Tickets are $150, and will only be sold in advance. There are 250 tickets available to the public, and all meals, a safety blanket, and full facilities are included. Prior to each event's sale date, WildFire offers a small pool of reduced priced fellowship tickets. Check out the fellowship ticket application

WildFire provides food for all attendees in the form of sit down meals throughout the weekend. WildFire also has a great camping culture; you can drive close to your camping spot, and there are a variety of spots available. There are also some cabin spaces available for those who request it. Apply for a cabin space.

Items you will need at WildFire:
Tent and sleeping equipment
Drinking water container
Shower supplies
Sun Screen
Ear Plugs
Bug Spray
Several Towels
Your spinning & performing equipment
Something to Silk Screen a cool design on
Headlight or flashlight to walk around at night
Several changes of clothing for rainy, hot and cold weather. We usually get all of the above.
Small Trash Bags for your tent site.
White gas if you intend to burn. Please notify the Safety Organizer prior to burning if you bring a different fuel.

Items you may want to have:
Hiking clothing
Shade Structure
Sitting chairs Camera / video - see official Survival Guide for photography guidelines!
Performance clothes if you are so inclined

In the WildFire spirit, know that you can ask anyone around you for anything you may need or have forgotten.

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